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Monday, February 18, 2013

Cool Dinosaur Gifts

It seems like every young kid is into dinosaurs these days. Three year olds that are still having trouble learning to pronounce some of the bigger, more complicated words can easily say “apatosaurus, brachiosaurus, saltasaurus, transtropheus, and triceratops” with the greatest of ease. For the parents and grandparents who are in the know, there are many wonderful dinosaur gifts to be presented to eager children and grandchildren. In fact, there is almost no limit to the cool dinosaur gifts that are available in stores and online today. Let’s explore just a few.

For one of the coolest dinosaur gifts around, check out Pleo. This friendly toy is really a dinosaur robot. Baby Pleo can interact with your child and can even show emotions. Pleo can play all kinds of games before he gets tired and needs to recharge. Even if every baby dinosaur robot gets named Pleo, don’t expect them to all be the same. This dinosaur friend comes as a newly hatched baby and from then on, develops a personality of its own. He gets hungry and he gets tired. Sometimes he wants to play; sometimes he just wants to take a nap. Kids will love Pleo because he’s just like them.

If you are looking for something a little different from a dinosaur robot, look no further that the cute dinosaur pencil sharpener. This cute stegosaurus is fun to look at and fun to watch as it walks along as the pencil is being sharpened.

Another of the many cool dinosaur gifts that are popular today are the Zoomorphs Dinomorphs. The set consists of many dino parts that kids can put together to make some of the dinosaurs they have heard of, and also to create some new species of their very own. This is a great gift that involves the kids and lets them decide. Good for fostering creativity.

For the kids who love dinosaurs and who also love stuffed animals, Dinosaurs in a Rock House is the ideal gift. The kids decide what the story line will be and which dinosaurs will do what, and which ones need discipline and which need extra love. They will want to take good care of the darling little stuffed dinosaurs included in this set, seven in all. When the little dinosaurs are ready for bed, the kids can put them safely and securely back into rock house, which isn’t rock at all but a soft carrying case that keeps them all together.

The Dino Magic Volcano Playset combines the fun of a toy with the enlightenment of a simple science experiment. When the dinosaur egg is carefully dropped into the pretend volcano, the eggs dissolves, comes apart and shows the dinosaur parts that are ready to be assembled. Be sure and buy more than one egg so the fun will last even longer.  As far as cool dinosaur gifts go, this one rocks!

This has been just a very small sampling of all the wonderful dinosaur gifts that are available for your little paleontologist. Do some research and find out for yourself what else is out there, just waiting to be enjoyed.

Friday, February 15, 2013

Kids Use Their Imaginations When Playing with Prehistoric Mammal Toys

 Parents today are always looking for new toys their kids will like. Not only should a toy be captivating for the child, but it should stimulate their imagination as well. Playtime should be a time when children can express their creative sides through the toys they own. The toys that represent dinosaurs and prehistoric mammals allow
children to create exciting adventures complete with      battles and friendships.

Fun Filled Adventures with Prehistoric Mammals

The various prehistoric toys include those designed to replicate the animals who existed at that time as well as those created to be Neanderthal humans. Kids can have fun recreating battle scenes between the different species of animals. A saber tooth tiger could stalk a group of woolly mammoths. The Andrewsarchus is a representation of an early jackal, which could be on the hunt for either a saber tooth tiger or a woolly mammoth – or maybe even a Neanderthal human!

Prehistoric Mammal toys come in both plush and molded plastic styles. Older kids can use the molded plastic toys outdoors where they can create adventure scenes using landscapes found in nature. The animals could be on the prowl through the tall grass or be wandering across patches of dry ground. The adventures could become more thrilling with the addition of Neanderthal figures. These figures come complete with pointy spears to make hunting their prey a more realistic experience for kids.

Safe Toys for Young Children

The prehistoric mammal toys made of plush fabrics are perfect for younger children. These toys have soft bodies with no sharp edges to harm a child who wants to cuddle up with their favorite animal. The plush toys are available in all of the popular styles including the saber tooth cat, the woolly mammoth and even the woolly rhino. Each character comes with the features they are known for. The rhino has a long white horn protruding from the front of its head, while both the woolly mammoth and the saber tooth cat have teeth that extend beyond their mouths.

The plush toys can be used as soft friends the child can snuggle up with at night, or as characters they can interact with during the day. Young children develop social skills by using toys to imitate the interactions they see their parents and siblings have with each other. A young child can also learn the importance of sharing by using their plush toys when playing with other children. The soft bodies also make these toys perfect pals to take along on outings to the park or to preschool.

Additional Prehistoric Toys

The assortment of prehistoric toys for kids also includes a number of toys designed with dinosaur images. There are puzzles and board games designed to teach children important facts and history about the creatures that roamed the Earth millions of years ago. One of the more interesting puzzles is the one of a woolly mammoth's skeleton. The skeleton is assembled using shaped wooden pieces, which fit together to form a standing 3 dimensional image.

Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Small Dinosaur Toys

Kids, as well as adults, have always been fascinated with prehistoric animals. As kids grow up, the fascination usually lessens. For a small minority though, this fascination grows and they end up becoming paleontologists. No matter what career path a former child takes on, there is nothing that can ever take away the childhood memories that they have of playing with their dinosaur toys.

Small dinosaur toys have always been a hot item in the toy industry. The popularity of them is the reason that toy manufacturers have never discontinued them. Kids of all ages love them, and that trend does not look like it will be ending any time soon. These toys allow kids to take a step back in time and play with these phenomenons of the past. Kids get to use their imaginations as they make sounds of what dinosaurs may have sounded like. They will pretend fight with them and even make stomping sounds as they walk their small dinosaur toys around.

Parents of very small children have found the small dinosaur toys to be of educational use. They have used the figures to teach their children different colors and how to count. Small children will give their full attention because of their attraction toward the dinosaurs. These toys are definitely something that all children should have at least one time during their childhood. Parents will want to pass on the tradition of getting their children toys that they also played with when they were kids. Parents should not be surprised when they find themselves enjoying these dinosaurs just as much as their kids.

Small dinosaur toys usually come in assorted packs of one dozen. That is great for kids because they will usually get their favorite type of dinosaur in the package. Although there are literally thousands of different types of dinosaur, the more famous ones such as the triceratops, stegosaurus, spinosaurus, allosaurus, brachiosaurus and tyrannosaurus-Rex are all usually included in the package. Other famous types of dinosaurs will also be included to make up the dozen. The assortment of each dozen will vary.

Small plastic dinosaur toys are usually 3 inches to 3.5 inches long. They come in a variety of different colors. Because they are so inexpensive and bring so much joy to kids, dinosaur figure toys have always been a top seller. They make great holiday gifts and are often used at birthdays. What better gift is there to celebrate a dinosaur themed birthday party? They can be handed out to each kid who attends the party.

Monday, February 11, 2013

A Cave Bear Skull can be a Useful Teaching Tool

Dinosaurs and other prehistoric animals have always captured the attention of children and adults because of their enormous size and the unusual features they had. There are numerous items available, which can help children, and adults learn about these now extinct creatures. Among the various products available to use as learning tools are those items designed as replicas of actual animal skulls, such as the cave bear skull.

The Skull as a Classroom Teaching Aid

The animal skull replicas can be helpful tools in a classroom because they allow students to have a first hand look at how the creature's head was formed. The bears living in areas around the world today are believed to be descendants of this mega-bear that existed during the Ice age. Teachers of history or science can use the bear's skull as a visual tool to capture the interest of their students. Most of the creatures from prehistoric times have long and unfamiliar names that can distract from the teaching process if some type of visual aid is not used.

The cave bear skull is created with exacting detail to show the shape of the cranium as well as the front snout section and the eye sockets. The skull even comes with front and back teeth so students get a better idea of the type of sharp teeth these prehistoric creatures had and how the teeth can indicate what the cave bear’s diet consisted of. The detailing and size of the skull makes this item an appropriate teaching tool for elementary grade students as well as for students in middle school, high school and college.

The Skull as a Gift

The high detail of the bear skull also makes it a great gift to give to people interested in dinosaurs or prehistoric animals. The skull measures 19 inches in length and has a brown coloration to give it the illusion of being very old. The skull is created to match the known shape and size of the cave bear's skeletal head during the ice age period. To create the exactness the teeth included are those which the bear during this time period was believed to have possessed. The accuracy with which this skull is created means the person receiving it will appreciate its value.

As a gift, the cave bear skull could be used as a collectable item. There are several other skulls available that are also in the category of Ice age mammals. In addition to the bear, collectors could also obtain the skulls of the American lion and the prehistoric rhino. The large size of these skulls allows them to be placed on a shelf or desk for display. The material used to create the replica skulls is more durable than what authentic bone would be, so they will last a long time.

Monday, February 4, 2013

Giant Inflatable Dinosaurs

There are many people who have a fascination with history. From the carvings in caves, to the relics of the Greek, Roman and other empires, people are always looking back at history, and at the accomplishments and wonders that were part of our past. Many times the most fascinating and awe-inspiring parts of history are the buildings and the prehistoric creatures that were extremely large, such as the pyramids or the dinosaurs.

Children and adults like to research and observe these once awesome creatures that once roamed the earth, the dinosaurs. People like to imagine what it would have been like to be here when there were such large creatures living on earth. The existence of dinosaurs has been proven because of archaeological finds. Different dinosaur bones have been discovered, and now with technology, people are able to place themselves with those large and amazing creatures, the dinosaurs.

Many museums of natural science have exhibits of dinosaurs. Many young children love to play with their dinosaur toys, and go to amusement parks where dinosaurs are the main theme. There have been hit movies where the main characters of the story were the dinosaurs and their environment.  How many people have not heard of the Flintstones cartoons where Dino is the family pet?

Parents who have children with a natural curiosity about dinosaurs enjoy seeing the children playing with dinosaur toys. Parents and teachers usually want to keep that curiously alive.

There are many books, movies, etc that have portrayals of dinosaurs, their natural habitat, habits, etc. Children who enjoy dinosaurs know each of the dinosaurs’ names as well as other children may know each of their toy wrestlers’ names. Children who have a scientific interest in the past will want to have a dinosaur on their birthday cake as much as their friend or family member may want a cake depicting the latest hit toy or super hero.  There are giant inflatable dinosaur replicas that may be purchased and be the hit attraction at the dino-loving young boys’ or young girls' birthday party.

Can the parent who is having a dinosaur theme party, imagine how happy the young dinosaur-loving child would be to go to this birthday party and before they arrive, be able to see a giant inflatable dinosaur peering over the fence in the back yard? The dinosaur-themed party will be a hit, as the young party goers will enjoy climbing around and playing next to a giant inflatable pteranodon, velociraptor or stegosaurus as their imagination takes over and they imagine what it would be like in prehistoric times, standing right next to a real live dinosaur!

The giant inflatable dinosaur can be used inside or outside and there are many kinds available.  There are dinosaur replicas that can be used in educational settings as well as the pretty pink or baby blue dinosaur for the frilly young ladies who also love dinosaurs.

Dinosaurs were here a long time ago, but parents can help their children enjoy their history by providing toys that can showcase a visual history of a fascinating past. These giant inflatable dinosaurs do just that!

Friday, February 1, 2013

Toy Dinosaurs

Children love to use their imaginations. Toy dinosaurs give children the opportunity to use their imaginations and build a world with vast forested areas, volcanoes and tyrannosaurus rex.

Creating a rich educational background, toy dinosaurs help teach kids about creatures that existed millions of years ago. The dimetrodon, spinosaurus and brachiosaurus can lead children into a future of knowledge about the days of dinosaurs so long ago.

Replicas, models and even landscape components add to the project. Add hatchling eggs to improve the realistic feel of the earth at a time when dinosaurs claimed the land.  Add a hanging head wall mount T-rex or other favorite dinosaur companion to the wall in their room and help them understand the complexity of the dinosaur realm. The realistic details give an opportunity to realize just how grand the dinosaur clans were.

Dinosaur remote control toys display how the dinosaur walked and thrived in its environment. Giant inflatable dinosaurs bring the size of these enormous creatures to life. A 13.5-foot inflatable velociraptor indulges children’s curiosity and gives a child the chance to live in the giant world that once was. The velociraptor walked the earth 71 to 75 million years ago during the Cretaceous Period. Now children can stand beside the amazing dromaesaurid theropod and be a part of its world.

Smaller inflatable dinosaurs are available to enhance a child's world, without a large amount of space. Dinosaurs come to life with the inflatable replicas and are easily deflated again after play. The soft, durable toys in the inflatable line are perfect for any age child to begin their exploration of the dinosaur period. Inflatable dinosaur sets are available.

Learn about dinosaurs from the Triassic Period, over 230 million years ago, until the end of the Cretaceous Period and the end of the Mesozoic Era. Birds, dinosaurs and even landscape can all become a part of a child’s educational experience at home with toys, puzzles, inflatables and even clothing.

Children can design the land of dinosaurs from varied collections. The Carnegie, Schleich and Bullyland dinosaur collections include different dinosaurs from replicated museum displays. Create an Ice Age prehistoric period with large, woolly mammoths and saber tooth tigers to teach children about this period of existence.

A large portion of a child's education relies on tools and examples available to them. Dinosaur replicas, toys and puzzles open up a completely new world to explore. The earlier children begin to learn, the better they comprehend the fun in learning. Toy dinosaurs give children a valuable education through play.