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Monday, November 3, 2014

Creating the Ultimate Dino Outfit

 Dinosaur T-shirt

Fashion for a child does not have to be complicated. Even in today’s revolving door of fads, there are some tried and true choices that will always be cherished by young boys and girls. At the pinnacle of the joy of youth, dinosaurs will always rule. These prehistoric creatures are fascinating today, and will be fascinating decades from now. The impending Jurassic Park movie, slated for June 12, 2015, is the 4th in the franchise, and seeks to woo a whole new generation of dino fanatics. The appeal is obvious: massive animals with larger-than-life claws, legs, weapons, and defense systems, the descendants of which can still be found walking the Earth today. These creatures are almost so extraordinary that it’s difficult to even conceive that they really did exist here once. A simple dinosaur t-shirt can get your child excited to get dressed in the morning. Couple that with a backpack and shoes, and you have an outfit to be reckoned with. Your son or daughter will be the talk of the school in an instant, and their love of our two and four-legged ancient friends will be on full display. But to really amp up the dinosaur factor, there are a ton

Starting from the ground up: Dino shoes

All great outfits have to start somewhere, and this ensemble kicks
off with a pair of shoes that will Velcro with the best of them. Choose from Stegosaurus, Velociraptor, Dinorama, T-rex, or Triceratops. Did we mention the flashing eyes? Hold your applause, there’s more.


T-rex backpack

Few animals in the history of the world have commanded respect like the Tyrannosaurus Rex. Growing up to 40 feet tall, these massive carnivores instantly strike fear into all who come upon them. Why not have your child take that intensity with them on the way to school each day? They carry their backpack everywhere, and with T-Rex in tow, they will be catching the eye of all their classmates as they saunter down the hall.

Dino hat

Let out your inner hunter with this stylish raptor hat.
The textured dinosaur footprint brings a real sense of authenticity to this headpiece, which caps off our dinosaur outfit. Reveal the dino attire in all its glory in one fell swoop, or unveil each item piece-by-piece for dramatic effect. Either way, you are sure to surprise your kid. Get all the gear you need, right here: Dinosaur Corporation


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