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Thursday, January 29, 2015

Throwing it Back to Prehistoric Days: Dino Party

Dinosaur Birthday Party Supplies

When you’re a little kid growing up the idea of dinosaurs is truly astounding. Very few animals are still living today that even resemble these prehistoric monstrosities. So for a child to even conceptualize them is quite a feat. That awe, that sense of wonder, is precisely what makes a dinosaur themed party such a hit. First-time parents take note: as children age and shed their affinity for themed parties, you will look back on these days with longing. If you’re going to throw a dino-themed affair, you might as well make it the best it can be. Your kids will only be kids for a precious few years after all. At Dinosaur Corporation, we have everything your dinosaur party could need: from plates, cups, and napkins, all the way to thank you cards.

Dinosaur Decorations

The first steps to making this party one for the record books is your decorations. Balloons: we have
traditional oval-shaped pieces and larger dinosaur-shaped balloons. Guide your party-goers with some balloons near the entrance, and sprinkle some throughout the room(s) you’ll be using. Decorations don’t stop at the room though. Create the ambiance with dinosaur mask noses for your guests, reserving a T-rex foam hat or party face mask for your birthday boy or girl.

Dinosaur Cups, Napkins, Plates

Your dinosaur cake is only going to look appropriate when it is placed on your dinosaur-themed plates. Pair them with napkins and cups to complete the picture. The food is the highlight for a lot of the younger ones, and they and their parents will appreciate the complete commitment to the theme you have established.

Dinosaur Games & Toys

Maybe you want to schedule the games after the cake so the kids are energized, or maybe you schedule it first thing so that they can get into it before they get their hands sticky. No matter which you choose, we have some great dinosaur games that will keep your dino-lovin’ kids occupied. Go on an excavation for fossils, or simply set up a dinosaur scene with figurines. For the boys: a battle royale with T-rexes abound.

Final Dinosaur Party Supplies

Depending on your level of commitment, your party might warrant dino invitations. Undoubtedly you’ll want to send all party-goers with some fun-filled dinosaur gift bags. Well, we’ve got you covered for that too. So plan your dinosaur party with Dinosaur Corporation and throw the party that will rock everyone back to the Jurassic Period! 

Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Stimulate Your Child’s Mind with a Dino Dig

Dinosaur Dig Kits

The advent of the technology age that we are currently in has brought many great things to the world. We can now communicate, travel, and learn about our world more quickly than ever. Children learn how to use the newest gadgets and are tech whizzes at early adolescence. The unfortunate downsides of this technological affinity are that we are quickly becoming a population that is overly focused on immediate gratification and fun that is had on a screen. Even classrooms are infused with these technological advancements, be it through tablets, touch-screen boards, or traditional computers themselves. Now is precisely the time that we as parents and educators should be encouraging children to use their hands to learn. Dinosaur dig kits serve that purpose, and enable children to expand their mind and practice dexterity and patience.

Learning Through Dinosaur Bones

Hands-on learning is an important element in the development of young children. Regrettably, many schools have removed programs such as art, music, sewing, woodshop, and auto mechanics. This is to the detriment of the students, ultimately, as those who are artistically and creatively inclined are denied an outlet for their proficiency. In fact, the motor skills that are learned at a young age may even go unnoticed if a child isn’t exposed to any type of project that would allow them to showcase their nimble fingers. But the beauty of a dinosaur dig kit is that kids are learning and having fun at the same time. The T-rex kit that is pictured is perfect as a stand-alone gift or even as a special game at a kid’s birthday party. They won’t know what they are digging until the entire skull becomes actualized, and their patience and perseverance will surely be tested along the way.

More Than Just Fun

The screens and technology we are exposed to today are often merely tools to keep us entertained. There is rarely a participation element on our part, and if it does exist, it is minimal at best. The dino dig kits that we offer here at Dinosaur Corporation buck that trend in glorious fashion, and present a new kind of learning unlike any other.  Stop by our website and discover a radical way of learning that harkens back to education methods that existed long before the technological age, as well as plenty of other dinosaur goodies.

Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Christmas Gift Ideas for Dino Lovers

The Reign of Dinosaurs Returns

As of November 25th, 2014, the internet world has been exposed to the newest chapter in the Jurassic Park story: Jurassic World. The Universal picture is slated for release on June 12, 2015, and so far, things are looking up for die-hard fans of the films. The arrival of the holiday season means that the time is ripe for gift buying and for finding those one-of-a-kind gifts that set you apart – as a parent, uncle, aunt, or grandparent. Don't be left in the cold this winter, get your loved ones gifts they will cherish, gifts that are meaningful, and ultimately, gifts that will stand the test of time.

A Return to Basics with Dinosaur Toys

Nowadays kids are exposed to the wonders of technology much earlier than the generations before them ever were. Regardless of whether you think this is a positive or a negative, the fact remains that children are inundated with technological advances on a regular basis. It is true, however, that this has caused a deleterious effect on adolescents, who appear to be losing their ability to effectively communicate in person and by phone. English skills have likewise taken a dive, and kids are learning more and more through videos and digital graphics than they are from tangible objects. Many of the products sold on Dinosaur Corporation are integral tools to supporting and positively influencing kids' imagination to grow and expand over time. Dinosaurs represent a world that we have never known, a world inhabited by majestic creatures and exotic plants that we cannot see on earth any longer. We have plush toys, inflatable toys, and even 3D kites for little ones to play with. Imaginations can run rampant with our vast collection of replica toys , encouraging a whole new generation to develop systems of living with the various species.

Dinosaur Dig Kits

Our dinosaur dig kits are special, in more ways than one. The dino skulls don't skimp on safety, and come hand-painted as well as phthalate-free. They are thoroughly safety tested to safeguard your child's health. Children as young as 3-years-old can have a blast digging up realistic dinosaur skulls, including the fearsome velociraptor, the massive brachiosaurus, the sturdy triceratops, and the infamous tyrannosaurus rex. At the end of the day, you are sure to find gifts that are not only provide a source of entertainment for any age level, but that also supply an education component at the same time. Browse our collection of dino products , today!

Monday, November 3, 2014

Creating the Ultimate Dino Outfit

 Dinosaur T-shirt

Fashion for a child does not have to be complicated. Even in today’s revolving door of fads, there are some tried and true choices that will always be cherished by young boys and girls. At the pinnacle of the joy of youth, dinosaurs will always rule. These prehistoric creatures are fascinating today, and will be fascinating decades from now. The impending Jurassic Park movie, slated for June 12, 2015, is the 4th in the franchise, and seeks to woo a whole new generation of dino fanatics. The appeal is obvious: massive animals with larger-than-life claws, legs, weapons, and defense systems, the descendants of which can still be found walking the Earth today. These creatures are almost so extraordinary that it’s difficult to even conceive that they really did exist here once. A simple dinosaur t-shirt can get your child excited to get dressed in the morning. Couple that with a backpack and shoes, and you have an outfit to be reckoned with. Your son or daughter will be the talk of the school in an instant, and their love of our two and four-legged ancient friends will be on full display. But to really amp up the dinosaur factor, there are a ton

Starting from the ground up: Dino shoes

All great outfits have to start somewhere, and this ensemble kicks
off with a pair of shoes that will Velcro with the best of them. Choose from Stegosaurus, Velociraptor, Dinorama, T-rex, or Triceratops. Did we mention the flashing eyes? Hold your applause, there’s more.


T-rex backpack

Few animals in the history of the world have commanded respect like the Tyrannosaurus Rex. Growing up to 40 feet tall, these massive carnivores instantly strike fear into all who come upon them. Why not have your child take that intensity with them on the way to school each day? They carry their backpack everywhere, and with T-Rex in tow, they will be catching the eye of all their classmates as they saunter down the hall.

Dino hat

Let out your inner hunter with this stylish raptor hat.
The textured dinosaur footprint brings a real sense of authenticity to this headpiece, which caps off our dinosaur outfit. Reveal the dino attire in all its glory in one fell swoop, or unveil each item piece-by-piece for dramatic effect. Either way, you are sure to surprise your kid. Get all the gear you need, right here: Dinosaur Corporation

Friday, October 17, 2014

Room Theme Ideas for Children

Dinosaur Bedding

Choosing the best combination of furnishings and materials to put together your child’s room can be difficult. That’s why we’ve chosen to outline some general theme ideas for your consideration. Popular choices for boys include: Lego/construction, racecar driver, astronaut/space, wild west, and dinosaur themed. For the girls: princess, art-inspired, plants/nature, and an ocean-inspired getaway.

Dinosaur gifts

A number of the aforementioned ideas can be used for either boys or girls, maximizing the space in your home and saving you money at the same time. Your kid will be transported into the world you create, which pays dividends when they stay put in their room for longer than usual! Whether you’re looking for a few pieces to decorate a room that is already established, or you’re building from the ground up, the exquisite merchandise of Dinosaur Corporation can serve you well: http://www.dinosaurcorporation.com/

Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Three of the Biggest Dinosaurs

1. Spinosaurus
This massive carnivore is thought to have been 50 feet long and weighing around eight tons. It is distinguished by a tall ‘sail’ of skin on its back.

2. Argentinosaurus
Dwarfing even the largest carnivores was the Argentinosaurus, one of the largest dinosaurs ever. It was a sauropod, distinguished by its long neck and relatively small head, and weighed 110 tons.

3. Sauroposeidon
Another Sauropod, which are known for their large size and extremely low intelligence, the only evidence of the Sauroposeidon are enormous vertebrae uncovered in Oklahoma. It is estimated at 100 feet long and 60 tons.

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Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Three Things To Know About Dinosaurs

1. Origin
Dinosaurs first appeared over 230 million years ago and dominated the planet for 135 million years. A dinosaur classified as Eurosaur is widely acknowledged as the ancestor of all dinosaurs.

2. Evolution
During the Triassic period the continents were connected in the land mass known as Pangaea, and there was a wide homogeneity among them. With the breakup of Pangaea they became more differentiated according to their continent.

3. Evolution
It is commonly agreed in the scientific community that birds evolved from dinosaurs and share some general traits.

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