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Thursday, January 29, 2015

Throwing it Back to Prehistoric Days: Dino Party

Dinosaur Birthday Party Supplies

When you’re a little kid growing up the idea of dinosaurs is truly astounding. Very few animals are still living today that even resemble these prehistoric monstrosities. So for a child to even conceptualize them is quite a feat. That awe, that sense of wonder, is precisely what makes a dinosaur themed party such a hit. First-time parents take note: as children age and shed their affinity for themed parties, you will look back on these days with longing. If you’re going to throw a dino-themed affair, you might as well make it the best it can be. Your kids will only be kids for a precious few years after all. At Dinosaur Corporation, we have everything your dinosaur party could need: from plates, cups, and napkins, all the way to thank you cards.

Dinosaur Decorations

The first steps to making this party one for the record books is your decorations. Balloons: we have
traditional oval-shaped pieces and larger dinosaur-shaped balloons. Guide your party-goers with some balloons near the entrance, and sprinkle some throughout the room(s) you’ll be using. Decorations don’t stop at the room though. Create the ambiance with dinosaur mask noses for your guests, reserving a T-rex foam hat or party face mask for your birthday boy or girl.

Dinosaur Cups, Napkins, Plates

Your dinosaur cake is only going to look appropriate when it is placed on your dinosaur-themed plates. Pair them with napkins and cups to complete the picture. The food is the highlight for a lot of the younger ones, and they and their parents will appreciate the complete commitment to the theme you have established.

Dinosaur Games & Toys

Maybe you want to schedule the games after the cake so the kids are energized, or maybe you schedule it first thing so that they can get into it before they get their hands sticky. No matter which you choose, we have some great dinosaur games that will keep your dino-lovin’ kids occupied. Go on an excavation for fossils, or simply set up a dinosaur scene with figurines. For the boys: a battle royale with T-rexes abound.

Final Dinosaur Party Supplies

Depending on your level of commitment, your party might warrant dino invitations. Undoubtedly you’ll want to send all party-goers with some fun-filled dinosaur gift bags. Well, we’ve got you covered for that too. So plan your dinosaur party with Dinosaur Corporation and throw the party that will rock everyone back to the Jurassic Period! 


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