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Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Blast From The Past: Exhibits Of Jurassic Dinosaurs

 Tyrannosaurus rex and Brontosaurus roamed the earth. The world looked very different to the giant reptiles. Now get a glimpse into that past through exhibits of Jurassic dinosaurs and the images of paleo-artist Josef Moravec.
Lovers of dinosaurs often try to imagine what the world looked like when creatures like

 Moravec began drawing dinosaurs at age 3 and completed his first dinosaur painting when he was 10. He has studied dinosaur fossils for 35 years in order to understand their anatomy the way another artist might study the human body in order to better paint the human form. Moravec has also learned about the dinosaurs' habitats, including vegetation and land formations, and their history in order to bring the greatest possible accuracy to his artwork. The brilliant natural colors in his paintings bring to life these lost worlds across billions of years, from the Precambrian Era to the Pleistocene Epoch, and include Jurassic, Cretaceous, and Permian land and sea creatures.

 The images have been displayed at Land of the Mammoth, the Los Angeles Museum of Natural History, and the Museum of Discovery in Little Rock, AR, among others. Moravec has won praise for the images from natural history museums throughout the United States and Europe.

 Born in Czechoslovakia, Moravec was inspired by another paleo-artist, Zdenek Burian. To create his detailed oil paintings, he fuses specialty dyes onto coated aluminum panels. Twenty to 40 prints, each 24 inches by 30 inches, comprise exhibits of Jurassic dinosaurs. Copies of the prints are available for purchase, as are T-shirts, sweatshirts, hats, mugs, posters, and other items featuring images from the exhibit.

 Several exhibits featuring creatures from various prehistoric eras are available for display at museums, schools, discovery centers, and libraries.

 Visit Dinosaur Corporation for more information on the exhibit.


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