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Thursday, February 4, 2016

Discover Earth With A Kids Archeology Kit

Many children love dinosaurs and learning about the prehistoric eras. Give them something to explore that’s interactive and requires the use of tools and concentration. A kids archeology kit will bring to life a long-lost land. With his own excavation kit, he can dig for dinosaur bones or eggs. He will spend hours exploring and learning all about the dinosaurs that roamed the Earth millions of years ago. Let his friends in on the fun with an archeology party. Together they will explore the world and how it all began.

Games that require a steady hand and concentration will not only offer entertainment but promote an educational value. Children can strengthen motor and sensory skills while digging for prehistoric fossils. Cognitive and emotional learning will be utilized while figuring out ways to excavate bones from rocks or sand.

To be a true archeologist, the proper tools are needed. Brushes and small picks are essential for digging out remains, and canvas bags are a must to store found treasures. With the proper tools, the appointed archeologists will never run out of interesting facts to discover.

Since the release of the Jurassic Park movie series, kids are able to visualize what dinosaurs looked like years ago. A Jurassic World theme party is the perfect opportunity to get up close to dinosaur skeletal remains, claws, and teeth. Give each child a Tyrannosaurus Rex replica tooth to take home and enjoy a small part of history.

A kids archeology kit isn’t only about digging for dinosaurs. The evolution of the Earth can be discovered through gemstones, rocks, and minerals. Children will learn about stones from all over the world and what they mean for the planet, impressing others with new words like Smoky Quartz and Petrified Wood. A gemstone identification chart will clarify the exact nature of the stone and from which region it descended.

An archeology kit gives a child a way to explore this world and learn about the evolution of Earth while keeping him engaged and excited. He will have hours of enjoyment, not even realizing the educational value it holds.


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