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Wednesday, January 30, 2013

“Dinosaur Wallpaper Border”

A child’s room can be made extra special with accents of favorite mementos like pictures, works of art and something unusual like a colorful dinosaur wallpaper border. These delightful and serene borders can pleasantly accent any room and breathe some life into empty and boring walls. Dinosaur pillows can be casually placed around the room for a softer and welcoming environment. One of the nicest features is how durable wallpaper borders are as they are washable as well. Another great advantage when it comes to decorating a room is how easy it is to apply a pre-pasted dinosaur border on the wall. One could almost tell a story with different varieties of wallpaper border. Using one’s imagination to decorate the room can make all the difference with a room’s feel and physical appearance.  Think how excited your child will be the first time they walk into their newly decorated room for the first time.

Why not go all out and get matching dinosaur bedding and lighting to create the ultimate child’s room? For a young child, a dinosaur lamp would be a really cute set up that would provide the needed light they will need to cuddle up and read their favorite dinosaur books. If this were an infant’s room a musical mobile could go over the bed with a baby crib set that would include things like the valances and the crib bumper among so many other accessories that would make the perfect baby’s room! The dinosaur wallpaper border could be applied to divide up the middle portions of the room as well as the top for a very creative flair. Some like to go all out and even add it to the bottom portions of the wall as well.

A little ones room can be decorated with life sized wall stickers that will come to life and stimulate his imagination. They can be complimented with a wall key holder or a replica of a life-like dinosaur mounted head for visual stimulation. A dinosaur wallpaper border would match perfectly with this kind of decorative theme. No prehistoric room would be complete unless there was an inflatable dinosaur to guard the grounds! These great affordable accessories can really be an enticing way to change a room.

Traditionally most consumers look at wallpaper borders to decorate a room within the home but these expressive borders can also effectively be used in a garage or play room to spruce up the area. Some are used in a professional work environment like a nursery school or pediatrician’s office. The whole idea is to get creative and use these borders for inspiration. In daycare's, many like to line their closets with these wallpaper borders and hang coat hooks just above with the children’s names drawn on the borders.

Looking for that perfect gift for the dinosaur lover? The wireless remote controlled tyrannosaurus would be the ultimate gift! It makes real dinosaur sounds as well as sways its head from side to side, and if that wasn’t enough, it can also record and play back the sounds you’ve recorded! Imagine the many hours of continuous fun a child would have with this dinosaur wallpaper border!

Saturday, January 26, 2013

Play Prehistoric Dinosaur Games for Fun or Challenge

Kids love playing games that feature their favorite characters. Children who are captivated by dinosaurs can have fun playing some of the dinosaur themed games. These games are available in different styles to make them age appropriate for children of varying ages.

Fun Educational Dinosaur Games for Adults and Kids

The prehistoric dinosaur games that help children develop their mental abilities include memory games where kids need to focus their attention on the layout of the cards they have seen. This classic matching game comes with a huge assortment of printed cards with more than twenty different prehistoric animals. Each card contains a full color image of an animal set within a natural background. Some pictures depict more than one character in a natural setting which can make the game more challenging for older children and adults.

The dinosaur themed educational games will also include those that add informational facts about these creatures to the game play. This type of game offers more challenge for older kids and adults who consider themselves to be dinosaur experts. All of the information about dinosaurs is researched, so the game provides interesting and educational facts. The images used to depict the dinosaurs are also created to be accurate. This allows children to see how prehistoric animals really looked in their natural environment.

Fun Dinosaur Games for Social Interaction

The prehistoric dinosaur games designed as board games allow kids to develop their social skills by interacting with each other in a fun way. The ladder dinosaur game is a simple game that can be played by children who are four or five years old. The board is made using bright colors for the game squares and cartoon style images for the dinosaurs. Kids take turns moving their pieces along the board in an attempt to reach the top.

The dinosaur ludo game requires a bit more skill to win. This game also allows kids to socially interact in a fun way. Kids take turns moving their pieces around the board while also trying to block their opponents from gaining ground. This board also uses bright images with colorful backgrounds. Dinosaur bingo is another fun game, which can be played by all the members of the family.

Dinosaur Games that Challenge

Dinosaur buffs will enjoy playing a game of dinosaur chess. This game comes with a regulation style board made with tan and brown squares. The game pieces are molded dinosaur fossil heads that add more interest to the game play. The fun shapes also add an element of fun, which can make the game more interesting for children to learn. Kids can also try their hand at playing a game of dinosaur checkers. Each chip has an image of either a T-Rex or triceratops stamped into the surface so kids can choose sides to see which dinosaur will defeat the other. All of the dinosaur themed games come with the instructions needed to play. Dinosaur games can also provide hours of entertainment at parties.

Thursday, January 24, 2013

Dinosaur Party Invitations

For those dinosaur enthusiasts out there, these great looking party invitations will do a great job getting everyone over for the party. These dinosaur party invitations will guaranty the fun and make everyone feel like a real dinosaur in no time. They are quickly shipped out and are just perfect for inviting friends to a dinosaur party. Some people like printing their invitations at home and that can be fun too, but this option looks great and they are really well designed. Dinosaurs once ruled the planet! So these fun looking party invitations will definitely have an impact on whomever they are handed out to.

They fold neatly, and include all the standard fields as noted below:


Size: 3 1/4" x 5 3/4"

Kids and parents will love these dinosaur invitation cards. Receiving a dull invitation card usually means putting them in a back pocket and forgetting later. Then again, when a party is planned the right way and the intention is to be surrounded by people having a great time, this option is a good one and shouldn't fail to do the job. They only take about two business days after being ordered. They ship the same day the order is placed. These dinosaur party invitations can be used to get everyone over for a kid's birthday, or even just a party someone might be celebrating for any special occasion. This is a fun and easy way to call people's attention. It's always important to let others know how far back in time one actually went to get friends and family to remember to come to the dinosaur party! We ship them in standard format; not too large and not too small. Planning for parties is always a workout, so having the dinosaur party invitations ready before will get some work out of the way and leave some extra time to get ready. The only work left to do will be filling them in and handing or mailing them out! They look great with the other dinosaur party materials available. This creative and unique invitation is ready to be given out. All that is needed is a click away. If one loves dinosaurs, they will love these invitations and won't hesitate to come. Kids love having nice looking invitations, and just seeing them being filled out will increase the birthday child’s anticipatory happiness in having a dinosaur party in their honor, so they will suit anyone’s needs when throwing a kid's birthday party. They will work perfectly for someone planning to get friends and family to come and have a rrroaring good time!

Tuesday, January 22, 2013

The Dinosaur Lunch Box That Speaks Volumes!

Kids have been enjoying lunch boxes with various fun themes since the metal lunch box was designed in the 1950's when the Hopalong Cassidy Lunch box was introduced. By the 1970's, there were more designs to choose from, such as Raggedy Ann and Andy or Fat Albert. Kids who were blessed to have the tasty home made lunches to bring to school soon learned that, when walking in a group to and from school, it would be best to not get too close behind other kids or you might "accidentally" get whacked with someone's lunch box! The hard metal lunch boxes soon gave way to the plastic lunch boxes, also with the neat designs that kids of all ages enjoyed and now, we have the soft, insulated lunch boxes to choose from.

For the dinosaur loving kid (or adult for that matter), there now exists the insulated, soft sided, full suede finish (for easy clean up) dinosaur lunch box displaying either the Tyrannosaurus Rex (T-rex) or the Velociraptor design. These dinosaur lunch boxes have a realistic rendition of the T-Rex and Velociraptor and are made by DinoGear, which is embroidered on the front of the lunchbox. A neat feature kids will also enjoy, of either dinosaur lunch box, is the realistic dinosaur foot used as a zip-pull. Gone are the hard plastic handles of yesterday, now replaced by a comfortable, yet sturdy carry handle.

There is plenty of room to pack a nutritious lunch in these durable dinosaur lunch boxes too, enough to satisfy any little dinosaur loving kid. Not to mention, the fierce realistic dinosaur pictures displayed on the front should be a warning to anyone who has thoughts of sneaking food out of this lunch box owner's lunch box. Anyone who loves fierce dinosaurs is going to be a force to be reckoned with, for sure! Even a pint sized little kid is going to be a ferocious foe, and that goes for the girls who love dinosaurs, too!

The lunch boxes of yesterday, though not yet fossilized, are now considered "vintage" and anyone who owned one would have a hard time convincing their kids or grand kids that they didn't actually have to battle with the dinosaurs on their way to and from school. Although the hard metal may have caused some damage whacking it on a dinosaur's toe, any dinosaur would not have had any trouble obtaining the scrumptious contents within, nor the owner, for that matter (should they have actually co-existed).

Despite the fun stories that could be told, the dinosaur lunch boxes of today can instill even greater creativity with the tales that can be passed down to future generations, with interesting dinosaur facts thrown in just to make it all the more exciting and educational! What will be missed, however, is the "Ouch" factor of getting accidentally smacked with one of these lunch bags. This isn't a bad thing, however, as it just forces the kids of today to be more creative with their stories on how they escaped danger on their way to and from school!

Sunday, January 20, 2013

Show Off Your Love of Dinosaurs with Dinosaur Accessories

Kids who love dinosaurs will love the accessory items designed with dinosaur themes. These products are created to be fun and practical. The wide range of items made with dinosaur images will appeal to both boys and girls.

Fun Dinosaur Shoes and Apparel Items

The line of shoes available with dinosaur themes includes many athletic styles as well as casual flip-flops. The sneakers or athletic shoes designed with colorful dinosaur images are constructed of durable materials. The outside of the shoe has an image of a dinosaur printed into the material. The images are of the more popular dinosaurs kids become interested in which include the hefty stegosaurus, the ferocious T-Rex and the quick Velociraptor. Some of the shoes for children created in the dinosaur line also come with dinosaur feet carved into the bottoms of the soles which act as treads and leave prints behind when kids walk through sand, mud or water.

The shirts created with colorful dinosaur prints on them are available in sizes that range from kids to adults. The images on these shirts range from complete dinosaur pictures in full color to the close up skulls of dinosaurs, which have been excavated. The glow in the dark T-Rex skull is placed on a black background to enhance the scare factor of the image when viewed.

Additional Dinosaur Accessories for Kids and Adults

The products available with dinosaur images also include backpacks, caps and ties. The backpacks are designed to accommodate a wide range of items with the different compartments they come with. The backpacks for school have colorful images of dinosaurs on the outside surface of the top compartment; this allows the image to be seen while the child is wearing the backpack. For those kids who really love dinosaurs, there are also matching lunch boxes available with the same images. Kids and teens can also enjoy using the luggage designed with prehistoric images, which also come with wheels and retractable handles to make transporting them easier.

The caps and ties are also available as dinosaur accessories for both girls and boys. The caps come in assorted colors including black, white and green. The 3D image on the T-Rex cap uses an embroidery technique designed to add dimension to the dinosaur image. This cap is further enhanced with the use of dinosaur print fabric to create the brim and the back. This cap comes with an adjustable Velcro strap.

The fun dinosaur ties are some of the more colorful items in the line of dinosaur accessories. Not only do the ties have full color images of all types of dinosaurs, but they are also set within a scenic background which is in keeping with the period they came from. These ties allow any dinosaur buff to add a personal touch to a stiff or formal business suit. The ties are made of silk to give them some extra luster.

There are also a variety of dinosaur costumes and masks available for kids to use as dress up accessory items or for use in creating a dinosaur themed costume.

Friday, January 18, 2013

Tyrannosaurus Rex Toys

Towering over 13 feet tall and over 40 feet long with massive jaws and razor sharp talons, Tyrannosaurus Rex was the largest predator of his time. He was truly the king of the dinosaurs. It's no wonder then that Tyrannosaurus Rex toys are the kings of the dinosaur toys. Just dig through a few child's toy collections at random and you are sure to find at least one Tyrannosaurus Rex toy.

There are many popular Tyrannosaurus Rex characters from the movies and television that have been immortalized as Tyrannosaurus Rex toys. Barney the Dinosaur, of the children's show "Barney" appears in toy form in any conceivable shape or size. Life size Barneys, inflatable Barneys, miniature Barneys, Barneys made of soap and foods shaped like Barney can be found in any store that carries toys. Barney the dinosaur is everywhere.

Fans of the 1960's television cartoon "The Flintstones" will remember that Fred and Wilma kept a pet dinosaur named Dino. Dino was frisky like a puppy and very loving. In fact he would often bowl poor Fred over and climb on top of him just to say "hello." He would then lick Fred's face affectionately. This was not typical dinosaur behavior to be sure, but it was very funny. Although Dino is not technically a Tyrannosaurus Rex, he was purple like Barney, and he was made into many different types of toys. These are mostly collectible now and could even be valuable. Collector’s websites and flea markets are where you will find most of the Dino the Dinosaur toys nowadays.

Rex the Dinosaur from Pixar's "Toy Story" series of movies is another Tyrannosaurus Rex that is being made into toys at a furious rate. Rex the Dinosaur is yet another Tyrannosaurus Rex that does not behave anything like the accepted version of the ferocious bloodthirsty Tyrannosaurus Rex. In fact Rex is quite shy and self-effacing. He is constantly embarrassed about his small and not-very-intimidating roar, and lives in fear of being replaced in the toy box by a more frightening dinosaur. Rex has the distinction of being the easiest Tyrannosaurus Rex character to make into a toy, because his character in the movies is actually a Tyrannosaurus Rex toy.

Of course there are more realistic dinosaur toys that are not based on children's movies or television shows, and these make up the largest selection of Tyrannosaurus Rex toys. These dinosaurs are not purple; they are anatomically and scientifically correct versions of the Tyrannosaurus Rex. Dinosaurs are always fascinating for children, and kids are often dinosaur experts able to tell an Allosaurus from an Apatosaurus. These consumers will demand a high level of accuracy in their dinosaur toys.

Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Delight Your Children or Your Pets with Dinosaur Baby Toys

Anyone looking for a cute and cuddly plush toy for their child or their pet should consider the adorable dinosaur baby toys. These soft and colorful toys come in a variety of characters that will appeal to any child or beloved pet.

Plush Dinosaurs for Kids

The different characters available in the line of dinosaur plush toys will appeal to both boys and girls. The baby triceratops toy in bright orange comes with a white belly, white horn and white ears. This adorable baby dinosaur has the traditional triceratops ridge running down the back of its neck. This cute creature would make the perfect toy for a young girl to cuddle up with in bed. Little boys might prefer the baby diplodocus and the baby T-Rex. Both of these animals come with interesting facial expressions that add personality to each character.

Decorate a Nursery with Dinosaur Accents

Parents expecting their first child can use the colorful dinosaur baby toys as accent pieces in a dinosaur themed nursery. The innocent expression on the blue brachiosaurus will add a touch of whimsy to the nursery. The 8 inch multicolored T-Rex plush toys can also enhance a baby's nursery when placed on top of a dresser or night table. These whimsical characters are made with patterned fabrics in colors of pink, purple and blue. The fabric has a fun bubble pattern on it, which adds to the charm of each toy.

Dinosaur Toys for Play

The cute and cuddly creatures available as dinosaur babies are also designed to be durable enough for children to play with. The toys are stuffed so they are able to sit or stand when placed on a flat surface. They also have bodies, legs, arms and horns designed so small fingers can easily hold onto them. When children have multiple dinosaur characters they can have them interact with each other in imaginary stories. This type of play helps children develop their social skills as well as their creativity.

Dinosaur Toys for Pets

People who choose to adopt a new kitten or puppy should pick up a soft and cuddly toy they can bond with. New pets feel more secure when they have something soft to curl up with, like they did with their litter-mates. The wide range of dinosaur plush toys offers pet owners many characters to choose from in assorted colors. In addition to the classic dinosaur characters, there are also soft and cuddly wooly mammoths, alligators and saber tooth lions. A new kitten could snuggle up with the plush form of a cute saber tooth lion made with soft fuzzy fabric and pointed teeth.  Wouldn’t that make an adorable photo?

On the practical side, the plush dinosaur toys can be cleaned using a cloth and soapy water. Their bodies are soft enough to fit inside a travel case or backpack for taking along on trips or outings. Whether someone is looking for a safe and cuddly toy for their child or new pet, they will find the durability and whimsical side of the dinosaur baby toys very appealing.

Friday, January 11, 2013

Dinosaur Decals

Create a Prehistoric Atmosphere with Dinosaur Decals

Dinosaur decals instantly transform a plain, boring room into something exciting! Available in numerous sizes, styles and patterns, these decals bring to life bedrooms, day care centers, schools and more.

Dinosaur Decor for Fascinating Walls

The decals are easy to apply. Simply remove the decal from the sheet and rub gently on it, making it adhere where you would like for it to be. It is that simple! They can be removed just as easily when you are ready for something new. There is no long-term commitment with these decals since there is no glue needed! Whenever the mood strikes you can easily change the decals with a few easy steps.

Dinosaur decals allow you to create an entire dinosaur land if you choose. Any room can instantly be transformed into a prehistoric paradise. Or, if you prefer, you can add just one or two decals for a little bit of scenery. Life-size decals are a favorite of many. These extra large decals can easily cover any wall inside of your home or building, providing a realistic looking scene in seconds. Children of all ages love these awesome decals, and so will you!

Could you imagine a larger than life Triceratops on your child's wall? How about a scene with the Triceratops and a Brontosaurus fighting? Talk about how ones imagination that can come to life. These are only a few of the many decals choices that are available.

Where To Find These Easy and Decorative Decals

If you would like to add this new flavor to your wall, decals can be purchased in craft stores as well as on the web. The cost of the decals vary, but you can always count on finding them at the very best of prices if you are willing to take the time to compare with a few different companies.

Many people choose to make their decal purchase on the web as it saves time and money. Decals that are purchased on the web are often much more reasonable than those purchased at a retail store, and they arrive straight to your front door within a few days of placing your order.

When you are ready to transform that plain wall into something that sparks your child’s curiosity and imagination, make sure that these decals of prehistoric dinosaurs are on the top of your list. They'll provide your child with some awesome room decor at a price that won't scare you.

Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Jurassic Period Pictures

If you would like to be reminded of the prehistoric age when you walk into a certain room or exhibit, then these very detailed Jurassic period pictures are exactly what you would want to see. The Dinosaur Art Pictures Gallery of Prehistoric World Images is one of the best collections of them that you’ll find anywhere. There are over seventy oil paintings that give you Jurassic period pictures presented in that unique way that only Josef Moravec can. The various incredible images of Cretaceous dinosaurs, Ice Age animals, and prehistoric mammals by this very experienced and motivated artist are all here.

It takes a dedicated artist to bring you the kind of evocative work that Moravec does. The amount of time that he has devoted to his craft is superior to so many other artists of the prehistoric eras. His portrayal of the prehistoric world gives you a view into an era as far back in time as 4.6 billion years ago, pictures that represent the very fossils that you will see in places like the Museum of Natural History. You get the feeling that his work is born from a great sense of history when you examine it, and anyone interested in a trip deep into Earth Science will appreciate his exceptional re-creation of the creatures who roamed the planet in that time period, so long ago.

For example, one outstanding portrait is of the Plateosaurus, who lived around 219 million years ago in the Triassic period. It roamed the earth in the area of Northern and Central Europe and was a member of a group of herbaceous dinosaurs known as prosauropods. Moravec’s portrait of this herbivore and it’s surroundings is accurate and colorful, sure to please the pickiest dinosaur lover. There are even portraits of the sea going dinosaurs, like Stenopterygius, one of the Ichthyosaurs (quite fish-like), and Plesiosaurus, a Jurassic period dinosaur who looked very much like our images of the Loch Ness monster, represented in these beautiful paintings from this master of detail, who so obviously loves his subject matter.  One beautiful and colorful portrait shows another denizen of the Jurassic, the Archaeopteryx, in all his flying and feathered glory.

Another favorite dinosaur, the Stegosaurus, he of the spiked tail and bony back plates, is realistically shown in his natural surroundings, another of the artist’s Jurassic period pictures. This interesting land dweller actually once lived here in North America, and Moravec paints the dinosaur the way that scientists have envisioned them in his matchless artwork. Also in this fine collection of prehistoric portraits is the Wooly Mammoth, an extinct relative of the elephant from the Ice Age. Moravec’s style is exceptional in the way he shows this well-loved mammal of the not-too-distant past. Another exceptional portrait is of one of the Wooly Mammoth’s contemporaries, the Saber Toothed Cat (or the Saber Toothed Tiger). Kids and adults alike love this exotic North and South American relative of the present day cougar, whose remains are the most frequently found at Southern California’s La Brea tar pits.  This particular painting, along with many others,  will please any lover of the prehistoric eras.