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Wednesday, January 30, 2013

“Dinosaur Wallpaper Border”

A child’s room can be made extra special with accents of favorite mementos like pictures, works of art and something unusual like a colorful dinosaur wallpaper border. These delightful and serene borders can pleasantly accent any room and breathe some life into empty and boring walls. Dinosaur pillows can be casually placed around the room for a softer and welcoming environment. One of the nicest features is how durable wallpaper borders are as they are washable as well. Another great advantage when it comes to decorating a room is how easy it is to apply a pre-pasted dinosaur border on the wall. One could almost tell a story with different varieties of wallpaper border. Using one’s imagination to decorate the room can make all the difference with a room’s feel and physical appearance.  Think how excited your child will be the first time they walk into their newly decorated room for the first time.

Why not go all out and get matching dinosaur bedding and lighting to create the ultimate child’s room? For a young child, a dinosaur lamp would be a really cute set up that would provide the needed light they will need to cuddle up and read their favorite dinosaur books. If this were an infant’s room a musical mobile could go over the bed with a baby crib set that would include things like the valances and the crib bumper among so many other accessories that would make the perfect baby’s room! The dinosaur wallpaper border could be applied to divide up the middle portions of the room as well as the top for a very creative flair. Some like to go all out and even add it to the bottom portions of the wall as well.

A little ones room can be decorated with life sized wall stickers that will come to life and stimulate his imagination. They can be complimented with a wall key holder or a replica of a life-like dinosaur mounted head for visual stimulation. A dinosaur wallpaper border would match perfectly with this kind of decorative theme. No prehistoric room would be complete unless there was an inflatable dinosaur to guard the grounds! These great affordable accessories can really be an enticing way to change a room.

Traditionally most consumers look at wallpaper borders to decorate a room within the home but these expressive borders can also effectively be used in a garage or play room to spruce up the area. Some are used in a professional work environment like a nursery school or pediatrician’s office. The whole idea is to get creative and use these borders for inspiration. In daycare's, many like to line their closets with these wallpaper borders and hang coat hooks just above with the children’s names drawn on the borders.

Looking for that perfect gift for the dinosaur lover? The wireless remote controlled tyrannosaurus would be the ultimate gift! It makes real dinosaur sounds as well as sways its head from side to side, and if that wasn’t enough, it can also record and play back the sounds you’ve recorded! Imagine the many hours of continuous fun a child would have with this dinosaur wallpaper border!


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