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Friday, January 18, 2013

Tyrannosaurus Rex Toys

Towering over 13 feet tall and over 40 feet long with massive jaws and razor sharp talons, Tyrannosaurus Rex was the largest predator of his time. He was truly the king of the dinosaurs. It's no wonder then that Tyrannosaurus Rex toys are the kings of the dinosaur toys. Just dig through a few child's toy collections at random and you are sure to find at least one Tyrannosaurus Rex toy.

There are many popular Tyrannosaurus Rex characters from the movies and television that have been immortalized as Tyrannosaurus Rex toys. Barney the Dinosaur, of the children's show "Barney" appears in toy form in any conceivable shape or size. Life size Barneys, inflatable Barneys, miniature Barneys, Barneys made of soap and foods shaped like Barney can be found in any store that carries toys. Barney the dinosaur is everywhere.

Fans of the 1960's television cartoon "The Flintstones" will remember that Fred and Wilma kept a pet dinosaur named Dino. Dino was frisky like a puppy and very loving. In fact he would often bowl poor Fred over and climb on top of him just to say "hello." He would then lick Fred's face affectionately. This was not typical dinosaur behavior to be sure, but it was very funny. Although Dino is not technically a Tyrannosaurus Rex, he was purple like Barney, and he was made into many different types of toys. These are mostly collectible now and could even be valuable. Collector’s websites and flea markets are where you will find most of the Dino the Dinosaur toys nowadays.

Rex the Dinosaur from Pixar's "Toy Story" series of movies is another Tyrannosaurus Rex that is being made into toys at a furious rate. Rex the Dinosaur is yet another Tyrannosaurus Rex that does not behave anything like the accepted version of the ferocious bloodthirsty Tyrannosaurus Rex. In fact Rex is quite shy and self-effacing. He is constantly embarrassed about his small and not-very-intimidating roar, and lives in fear of being replaced in the toy box by a more frightening dinosaur. Rex has the distinction of being the easiest Tyrannosaurus Rex character to make into a toy, because his character in the movies is actually a Tyrannosaurus Rex toy.

Of course there are more realistic dinosaur toys that are not based on children's movies or television shows, and these make up the largest selection of Tyrannosaurus Rex toys. These dinosaurs are not purple; they are anatomically and scientifically correct versions of the Tyrannosaurus Rex. Dinosaurs are always fascinating for children, and kids are often dinosaur experts able to tell an Allosaurus from an Apatosaurus. These consumers will demand a high level of accuracy in their dinosaur toys.


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