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Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Jurassic Period Pictures

If you would like to be reminded of the prehistoric age when you walk into a certain room or exhibit, then these very detailed Jurassic period pictures are exactly what you would want to see. The Dinosaur Art Pictures Gallery of Prehistoric World Images is one of the best collections of them that you’ll find anywhere. There are over seventy oil paintings that give you Jurassic period pictures presented in that unique way that only Josef Moravec can. The various incredible images of Cretaceous dinosaurs, Ice Age animals, and prehistoric mammals by this very experienced and motivated artist are all here.

It takes a dedicated artist to bring you the kind of evocative work that Moravec does. The amount of time that he has devoted to his craft is superior to so many other artists of the prehistoric eras. His portrayal of the prehistoric world gives you a view into an era as far back in time as 4.6 billion years ago, pictures that represent the very fossils that you will see in places like the Museum of Natural History. You get the feeling that his work is born from a great sense of history when you examine it, and anyone interested in a trip deep into Earth Science will appreciate his exceptional re-creation of the creatures who roamed the planet in that time period, so long ago.

For example, one outstanding portrait is of the Plateosaurus, who lived around 219 million years ago in the Triassic period. It roamed the earth in the area of Northern and Central Europe and was a member of a group of herbaceous dinosaurs known as prosauropods. Moravec’s portrait of this herbivore and it’s surroundings is accurate and colorful, sure to please the pickiest dinosaur lover. There are even portraits of the sea going dinosaurs, like Stenopterygius, one of the Ichthyosaurs (quite fish-like), and Plesiosaurus, a Jurassic period dinosaur who looked very much like our images of the Loch Ness monster, represented in these beautiful paintings from this master of detail, who so obviously loves his subject matter.  One beautiful and colorful portrait shows another denizen of the Jurassic, the Archaeopteryx, in all his flying and feathered glory.

Another favorite dinosaur, the Stegosaurus, he of the spiked tail and bony back plates, is realistically shown in his natural surroundings, another of the artist’s Jurassic period pictures. This interesting land dweller actually once lived here in North America, and Moravec paints the dinosaur the way that scientists have envisioned them in his matchless artwork. Also in this fine collection of prehistoric portraits is the Wooly Mammoth, an extinct relative of the elephant from the Ice Age. Moravec’s style is exceptional in the way he shows this well-loved mammal of the not-too-distant past. Another exceptional portrait is of one of the Wooly Mammoth’s contemporaries, the Saber Toothed Cat (or the Saber Toothed Tiger). Kids and adults alike love this exotic North and South American relative of the present day cougar, whose remains are the most frequently found at Southern California’s La Brea tar pits.  This particular painting, along with many others,  will please any lover of the prehistoric eras.


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