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Monday, July 1, 2013

Dino Eggs - Fun, Educational, Reasonably Priced!

In an age where most children prefer video games to board games, it is good to see that there are still some non-electronic toys around that can hold a child's interest. The Dinosaur Growing Egg is one example. 

The dino egg is designed to keep children excited for an extended amount of time. Some toys will hold a child's interest for only a few hours, but the Dinosaur Growing Egg will keep children in suspense for at least a day or two. They will want to share the excitement with their friends and neighbors.

The Dinosaur Growing Egg starts out as an egg, which slowly hatches to reveal a tiny dinosaur. As the children watch, the dinosaur will grow larger and larger. Kids go to bed at night excited to awaken the next day just to see how much their dino egg toy has grown! It will be like having their own pet dinosaur and watching it grow and mature.

The secret to this exciting toy is water. The egg is placed in a container and covered with water. The water level should be enough to cover the dino egg completely. As the egg sits in the water, the shell slowly breaks over a 24-48 hour time period and the tiny dinosaur will come out. As the dinosaur has come out of the egg completely, the egg dissolves on its own and more water is placed in the container. The dinosaur will continue to grow for another 48-72 hours as it continues to absorb more water. It may need to be moved to a larger container as it may outgrow the original one.

Once the dinosaur has grown to its full size, children can play with it and pretend that it is a household pet. This toy will provide them with hours of enjoyment that will likely outlast the excitement of some of their more expensive toys. Not only is the Dinosaur Growing Egg fun and enjoyable, it also costs much less than many other popular toys. Several Dinosaur Growing Egg toys can be bought for less than one popular action figure or doll.

The Dinosaur Growing Egg is an educational toy as well as fun. It teaches children about the process of life as they get to see how reptiles hatch from eggs and slowly become adults. It provides an equal amount of enjoyment for both boys and girls. The Dinosaur Growing Egg is not identified as being more appropriate for one sex than the other. Even parents and other adults will find enjoyment out of watching the dinosaur come out of the egg and grow to a large size.

The Dinosaur Growing Egg can be used in classrooms for educational purposes. The children will not want to miss the next day of school for fear of missing the dinosaur egg transform into a dinosaur. Teachers can use the egg and the dinosaur as part of a discussion on how the dinosaur once lived and hatched from an egg.