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Friday, February 15, 2013

Kids Use Their Imaginations When Playing with Prehistoric Mammal Toys

 Parents today are always looking for new toys their kids will like. Not only should a toy be captivating for the child, but it should stimulate their imagination as well. Playtime should be a time when children can express their creative sides through the toys they own. The toys that represent dinosaurs and prehistoric mammals allow
children to create exciting adventures complete with      battles and friendships.

Fun Filled Adventures with Prehistoric Mammals

The various prehistoric toys include those designed to replicate the animals who existed at that time as well as those created to be Neanderthal humans. Kids can have fun recreating battle scenes between the different species of animals. A saber tooth tiger could stalk a group of woolly mammoths. The Andrewsarchus is a representation of an early jackal, which could be on the hunt for either a saber tooth tiger or a woolly mammoth – or maybe even a Neanderthal human!

Prehistoric Mammal toys come in both plush and molded plastic styles. Older kids can use the molded plastic toys outdoors where they can create adventure scenes using landscapes found in nature. The animals could be on the prowl through the tall grass or be wandering across patches of dry ground. The adventures could become more thrilling with the addition of Neanderthal figures. These figures come complete with pointy spears to make hunting their prey a more realistic experience for kids.

Safe Toys for Young Children

The prehistoric mammal toys made of plush fabrics are perfect for younger children. These toys have soft bodies with no sharp edges to harm a child who wants to cuddle up with their favorite animal. The plush toys are available in all of the popular styles including the saber tooth cat, the woolly mammoth and even the woolly rhino. Each character comes with the features they are known for. The rhino has a long white horn protruding from the front of its head, while both the woolly mammoth and the saber tooth cat have teeth that extend beyond their mouths.

The plush toys can be used as soft friends the child can snuggle up with at night, or as characters they can interact with during the day. Young children develop social skills by using toys to imitate the interactions they see their parents and siblings have with each other. A young child can also learn the importance of sharing by using their plush toys when playing with other children. The soft bodies also make these toys perfect pals to take along on outings to the park or to preschool.

Additional Prehistoric Toys

The assortment of prehistoric toys for kids also includes a number of toys designed with dinosaur images. There are puzzles and board games designed to teach children important facts and history about the creatures that roamed the Earth millions of years ago. One of the more interesting puzzles is the one of a woolly mammoth's skeleton. The skeleton is assembled using shaped wooden pieces, which fit together to form a standing 3 dimensional image.


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