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Monday, February 11, 2013

A Cave Bear Skull can be a Useful Teaching Tool

Dinosaurs and other prehistoric animals have always captured the attention of children and adults because of their enormous size and the unusual features they had. There are numerous items available, which can help children, and adults learn about these now extinct creatures. Among the various products available to use as learning tools are those items designed as replicas of actual animal skulls, such as the cave bear skull.

The Skull as a Classroom Teaching Aid

The animal skull replicas can be helpful tools in a classroom because they allow students to have a first hand look at how the creature's head was formed. The bears living in areas around the world today are believed to be descendants of this mega-bear that existed during the Ice age. Teachers of history or science can use the bear's skull as a visual tool to capture the interest of their students. Most of the creatures from prehistoric times have long and unfamiliar names that can distract from the teaching process if some type of visual aid is not used.

The cave bear skull is created with exacting detail to show the shape of the cranium as well as the front snout section and the eye sockets. The skull even comes with front and back teeth so students get a better idea of the type of sharp teeth these prehistoric creatures had and how the teeth can indicate what the cave bear’s diet consisted of. The detailing and size of the skull makes this item an appropriate teaching tool for elementary grade students as well as for students in middle school, high school and college.

The Skull as a Gift

The high detail of the bear skull also makes it a great gift to give to people interested in dinosaurs or prehistoric animals. The skull measures 19 inches in length and has a brown coloration to give it the illusion of being very old. The skull is created to match the known shape and size of the cave bear's skeletal head during the ice age period. To create the exactness the teeth included are those which the bear during this time period was believed to have possessed. The accuracy with which this skull is created means the person receiving it will appreciate its value.

As a gift, the cave bear skull could be used as a collectable item. There are several other skulls available that are also in the category of Ice age mammals. In addition to the bear, collectors could also obtain the skulls of the American lion and the prehistoric rhino. The large size of these skulls allows them to be placed on a shelf or desk for display. The material used to create the replica skulls is more durable than what authentic bone would be, so they will last a long time.


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