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Monday, February 18, 2013

Cool Dinosaur Gifts

It seems like every young kid is into dinosaurs these days. Three year olds that are still having trouble learning to pronounce some of the bigger, more complicated words can easily say “apatosaurus, brachiosaurus, saltasaurus, transtropheus, and triceratops” with the greatest of ease. For the parents and grandparents who are in the know, there are many wonderful dinosaur gifts to be presented to eager children and grandchildren. In fact, there is almost no limit to the cool dinosaur gifts that are available in stores and online today. Let’s explore just a few.

For one of the coolest dinosaur gifts around, check out Pleo. This friendly toy is really a dinosaur robot. Baby Pleo can interact with your child and can even show emotions. Pleo can play all kinds of games before he gets tired and needs to recharge. Even if every baby dinosaur robot gets named Pleo, don’t expect them to all be the same. This dinosaur friend comes as a newly hatched baby and from then on, develops a personality of its own. He gets hungry and he gets tired. Sometimes he wants to play; sometimes he just wants to take a nap. Kids will love Pleo because he’s just like them.

If you are looking for something a little different from a dinosaur robot, look no further that the cute dinosaur pencil sharpener. This cute stegosaurus is fun to look at and fun to watch as it walks along as the pencil is being sharpened.

Another of the many cool dinosaur gifts that are popular today are the Zoomorphs Dinomorphs. The set consists of many dino parts that kids can put together to make some of the dinosaurs they have heard of, and also to create some new species of their very own. This is a great gift that involves the kids and lets them decide. Good for fostering creativity.

For the kids who love dinosaurs and who also love stuffed animals, Dinosaurs in a Rock House is the ideal gift. The kids decide what the story line will be and which dinosaurs will do what, and which ones need discipline and which need extra love. They will want to take good care of the darling little stuffed dinosaurs included in this set, seven in all. When the little dinosaurs are ready for bed, the kids can put them safely and securely back into rock house, which isn’t rock at all but a soft carrying case that keeps them all together.

The Dino Magic Volcano Playset combines the fun of a toy with the enlightenment of a simple science experiment. When the dinosaur egg is carefully dropped into the pretend volcano, the eggs dissolves, comes apart and shows the dinosaur parts that are ready to be assembled. Be sure and buy more than one egg so the fun will last even longer.  As far as cool dinosaur gifts go, this one rocks!

This has been just a very small sampling of all the wonderful dinosaur gifts that are available for your little paleontologist. Do some research and find out for yourself what else is out there, just waiting to be enjoyed.


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