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Friday, April 12, 2013

Dig Those Crazy Dinosaur Bones

Dinosaurs are some of the oldest known animals to ever walk the earth. Some were very massive creatures that towered over treetops but ate only plants, and others were predators that were not quite as huge, but were fierce and able hunters. They became extinct millions of years ago, but their fossil remains are left to testify that they were real. Just knowing how important these creatures were, and the importance of learning about their extinction can fascinate your kids for a lifetime.  There is no better way to teach small children about dinosaurs than to throw a dinosaur dig party that is fun and educational.

Do you have children that just love dinosaurs? You should try finding dinosaur dig party supplies that show your children just how exciting being a paleontologist on their very first dig would be. Toy dinosaurs, replicas of real dinosaur bones, books about dinosaurs, and even dinosaur party supplies will make an exciting, full-of-fun dinosaur party for your child; one they will love and never forget. There are companies on the Internet that specialize in childrens dinosaur education material. Finding an on-line company that sells dinosaur-related supplies for a child’s party can save you time, gasoline and frustration. Not only will all the party cups, plates, napkins match and coordinate perfectly, but in all likelihood, you will save money by ordering online.  Some companies even offer free gifts with your purchase, depending on the amount of your order.  One company even offered a free piñata that coordinated with their dino party supplies!

Your dinosaur party will benefit the other children who are invited. Your child's friends will be excited about having a chance to learn about dinosaurs and to experience a dinosaur dig party. They are taught in school about dinosaurs from a very young age, and there are so many movies and television shows that include dinosaurs as main characters.

To set up one of these digs is a fairly easy thing, and even easier if you already have a sandbox in your backyard.  But if you don’t, play sand is readily available at any home improvement store, usually in 40 lb. bags.  If you don’t want to border the sand with landscape timbers to keep as a sandbox, place it in an area of your yard where it can just be raked into the lawn after the party.

There is a wealth of things available as dinosaur dig party supplies that you can bury in the sand for your budding paleontologists to discover, that the kids can keep as party favors.  There are many different kinds of dinosaur and ice age mammal skeletons made of resin or plastic, some all in one piece and others that consist of separate bones that can be reassembled when found, as part of the game, which would be great if the children were a bit older, though you might want to stick with the whole ones if younger children are present.  You might also want to get some polished gemstones or pieces of iron pyrite (fool’s gold) that would be thrilling for the children to uncover.  You could either buy or make excavation kits for each child, that consist of a bag to store their discoveries, a small shovel and a brush to uncover the delicate fossils.

Children will remember these special parties.  It’s never too early to awaken the love of learning, especially when you can turn it into fun.


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