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Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Telling Time is More Fun with a Dinosaur Watch

Every little boy and girl will learn about dinosaurs sometime within their young lives. Most will become obsessed with dinosaurs, learning their names, what they ate, and just how big they really were. As adults we will try to teach the little ones everything we can about the world while keeping the lessons fun and unique.

The kids dinosaur watch does numerous jobs at once. It's not just a fun little toy they will play with and forget in an hour but something they can wear and see for years. Little ones love to dress up like moms and dads, and this gives them the opportunity to wear an adult piece of jewelry made just for their little wrists. It can handle the rough treatment kids will give it and can easily be cleaned in order to look like new day after day.

The kids dinosaur watch features four great dinosaurs on it making your kids into paleontologists everyday. There are T-Rex, Brachiosaurus, Triceratops and Stegosaurus all imaged in a realistic cartoon appearance. Kids love the design and go nuts for the dinosaurs on it. This is the perfect way to teach children about telling time as well. The watch face has an easy to read analog display with the numbers one through twelve displayed. It should also be noted that watches will also help kids to form good habits for life, as they will begin to understand what being on time and what being late actually means. It will also teach them different time increments, such as just how much time five minutes feels like when you only have five minutes to do something. This gives them a personal understanding of what you are saying and how they need to react to different measures of time.

A dinosaur watch is the perfect way to start a child with life long lessons of learning made fun.
Children of all ages love dinosaurs and capturing their interest with something fun and interesting gives them the first steps to successful learning. It is the perfect way to broach so many other subjects with a child such as extinction and evolution. There are volcanoes in the picture on the watch face, showing tectonic plates. These subjects may be too large to teach your child right now, but putting the ideas in their heads will make learning so much easier in the future. Dinosaurs really are the perfect tools to use for teaching a variety of scientific subjects,  because they are the base that will hold a child’s attention.

If this kids dinosaur watch sounds like something that you'd like to know more about, click here.  Make Dinosaur Corporation your source for all things prehistoric.  You'll find everything you can imagine, from reproductions of Joseph Moravec's original oil paintings of the dinosaurs and their world, to linens and wall decor for a dino lover's bedroom.  They also carry a complete line of party supplies for dinosaur themed parties, including one that is inspired by Steven Spielberg's "Jurassic Park" and "Lost World" movies that features everything from dinosaur cups, plates, napkins and dinosaur loot bags to dinosaur invitations and dinosaur thank you cards, with a T-Rex banner to welcome party goers.  There will be a lot more information about anything you might need to have a superior dinosaur party in an upcoming blog.


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