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Sunday, March 31, 2013

Have a “Jurassic Style” Birthday Party!

Steven Spielberg’s “Jurassic Park” and “The Lost World” are unforgettable movies, even for those who are not obsessed with dinosaurs (but if you are obsessed, even better).  They are timeless and universal in their ability to entertain both young and old.  These movies are monumental works of film art, both in their special effects and in the morality tale that they tell.  No one who watches them could go untouched; the good guys make it out alive and the bad guys are victims of their own badly-thought-out creations.  For dinosaur enthusiasts, these films really have no peer.  It would be difficult to find a better theme for a child’s birthday party, or to find one that had a more widespread appeal for the other children, and even adults who will be attending. 

Dinosaur Corporation has a selection of Jurassic dinosaur party decorations, games, cups, plates, napkins, table covers, invitations, thank you notes and loot bags that will blow your mind.  Their incredible selection covers just about everything you can think of that you would need to throw a very, very gala dino event and at a very reasonable price as well.  There is even a free T-Rex “Happy Birthday “ banner that can be sent along with your order.  Everything will match perfectly and without a lot of trudging from store to store.

There are so many ideas that can be had from just looking at the awesome and wide-ranging selection of party supplies for a Jurassic shindig.  Making the cake your self would be no challenge, with the Brontosaurus, Stegosaurus and T-Rex pans that are offered.  There are even cake toppers, cupcake toppers, dinosaur shaped candles and a silicone mold of eight different dinosaurs that would be great for individual cakes or gelatin Jigglers.

Everything that you could possibly imagine needing for an awesome Jurassic dinosaur birthday party is offered at Dinosaur Corporation’s online store, not to mention the truly cool gifts that any dinosaur lover would treasure for the birthday boy or girl of any age.  So far as party favors to fill those Jurassic loot bags – that’s going to be a subject for another article, because they are just too numerous to cover quickly, along with all the festive party decorations.

Another thing that should be noted are the very nice free gifts that Dinosaur Corporation has to offer, depending on the total amount of your purchase.  There are several different styles of T-shirts, hats, piñatas and toys to choose from, even at the lower amounts.

If you’re thinking about throwing a dinosaur party, Dinosaur Corporation has some really great items and terrific ideas to make your party a memorable and exciting event.


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