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Friday, April 5, 2013

Decorating With Dinosaurs

Decorating a child’s bedroom or playroom with colorful murals gives the room a beautiful design and also stimulates the child’s creativity and imagination. There are many different types of murals out there including some that are designed to be purchased and placed on a wall as easily as if they were wallpaper. Children love all sorts of designs, but perhaps none is more popular and timeless than dinosaurs.
Dinosaur wall murals can make your child’s room seem as wild and free as ancient times before humans roamed the earth. Kids love these prehistoric creatures and having them on their walls will make children want to stay and play in their room all day.

Josef Moravec is an artist who focuses primarily on creating art depicting these prehistoric creatures in a realistic and scientifically accurate manner. He has created a serious of dinosaur wall murals that will lighten up any playroom or bedroom. The murals depict various different species of dinosaurs in a variety of scenes so you will be sure to find ones that complement the room you are decorating. They are incredibly detailed murals so you can rest assured that you won’t be posting something cheap and tacky in your home. Best of all, these dinosaur murals are designed in such a way that you can reuse them again and again. They are easy to peel off walls if you decide to move them or when your little child grows up. Some of the murals you can choose include just a single dinosaur so if there is a particular species that your child likes you can select that particular one. These murals are large enough so that a single dinosaur will take up a room’s door, for example. You can also choose scenes with many different types of dinosaurs present.

The murals are available in a wide array of different shapes and sizes as well. There are murals that are basically strips. You can use these to border the walls or accent the doorways. Some the murals are designed in such a way so that they appear to be optical allusions. One mural shows a tyrannosaurus rex breaking through the walls of the room. Any fearless child would love it. Other murals make it appear as if the dinosaurs are outside the child’s windows. This has a neat effect and will definitely stimulate a child’s imagination. You can also get a mural that can be divided into several different pieces. You will then be able to place these around the room for maximum effect.

To see more about these wonderful murals, click here.  Dinosaur Corporation is a fantastic site for all things prehistoric, from fossil replicas and fine art to a complete line of Jurassic party supplies


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