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Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Great Ideas for Dinosaur Birthday Cakes & Treats

While store bought cakes are convenient, and the decorations on them may be showy, let’s face it; Mom’s cake and icing ALWAYS tastes a whole lot better. You’re probably thinking “Oh, sure, fine for you to say, but I’m no great cake decorator, and I want this to look pretty!”

Making a beautiful cake your self for a “Jurassic” birthday party has gotten a whole lot easier.  Take a look at the Brontosaurus, Stegosaurus and T-Rex pans that are offered at Dinosaur Corporation.  Making the cake your self would be very little challenge, and they give you the perfect shape and outline to make a great dinosaur shaped cake on your own, and since you’ll own the pan, making dino shaped cakes in the future will be a breeze and a real treat to your dino birthday boy or girl in days to come.  There are even cake toppers that would make it simple to decorate your homemade sheet cake with an easy-to-duplicate design pictured on their page.  These dinosaur cake toppers are 5-6” dino skeletons and would make a nice addition to a dinosaur collection after the party is done.  Other sets of brightly colored dinosaur cake toppers are also available in sets of six.  Don’t overlook the dinosaur-shaped candles in primary colors that would just need a curvy blue river and maybe a palm tree as company to make a colorful, attractive and exciting cake.

And if you’re thinking of going with the recent trend of birthday cupcakes instead of one big cake, Dinosaur Corporation has you covered!  Check out their dinosaur party page – they have cupcake toppers and baking cups. That would make having cupcakes instead of cake an easy option.  You might also think about using some of the smaller plastic party favor dinos as decorations for the cupcakes that the party goers can keep as gifts when they’re done eating their cupcakes.

Dinosaur Corporation also offers an 11” flexible silicone mold with eight different dinosaur figures that would make great little dino-shaped cakes or even be good for making those Jell-O Jigglers that kids love so much.  There is also a very cool set of dinosaur shaped cookie cutters that would make other luscious Jurassic birthday treats.  Get the whole family involved decorating them before the big event!

There are so many exciting party ideas here at Dinosaur Corporation.  The selection of items to make your Jurassic birthday party unforgettable is absolutely amazing.  In articles to come, look for some awesome tips on dinosaur party decorations.  They have everything from piñatas to party favors to huge lifelike cardboard cutouts your party goers can pose with for cool pictures that would be great to enclose with the Jurassic thank you notes.


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