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Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Evolution Comes to Life with Cambrian Period Paintings and Illustrations

Dinosaurs have fascinated people of all ages for generations. These gigantic reptiles have been the focus of some of Hollywood's best loved films. From “Jurassic Park” to the slew of “Godzilla and King Kong” feature films, from the “Pete's Dragon” children's film to the ever loveable “Land Before Time” animated movie series, there is no lack of hunger to know more about these giant beasts that roamed the earth long ago. In addition, there are a host of wonderful theme books of so many children's stories that swirl with dragons and large lizard beasts such as “Where the Wild Things Are” and “Puff the Magic Dragon”.  While there were many years of preliminary discoveries of the dinosaurs, recent discoveries now paint a much clearer picture of the phases of early life on earth.

With the advancement of Paleontology and the scientific discoveries of the last three decades, the understanding as well as the fascination about dinosaurs and the forms of life that preceded them has increased significantly. No longer are dinosaurs just the stuff of fantasy and fiction; the many newly found fossils have become a window into the history of life on the planet.  But before the dinosaurs ruled the planet, life had to evolve in the sea to the point where it could exist on dry land.  That is why the Cambrian Period is such an interesting time for paleontologists.

With the more recent discoveries, scientists now have good collections of fossils from different time periods, and great knowledge of the forms of life that preceded the dinosaurs. The Cambrian period pictures of fossil life show the beginning of defined life and the first forms of life that eventually evolved into those that could leave the seas and venture onto solid ground. The Cambrian Period, as it is known, occurred between 540 million years ago and 490 million years ago according to scientific radiocarbon dating. The Cambrian Period was a time of great evolutionary change on the planet. This geological time period has three stages and was the very beginning of substantive life on earth. The three stages are known as: the Early Cambrian period, the Middle Cambrian Period, and the Late Cambrian Period. It is during these 50 million years of the Cambrian Period that a great explosion of life occurred on the planet; much of it was smaller life forms. The larger life that evolved during this time were the beginnings of what are known as marine dinosaurs. In fact, life was teeming in the seas and the oceans all over the earth during the Cambrian Period.

Today, many science museums, science-oriented retail outlets, libraries and colleges have a wealth of information about this wonderfully exciting time on earth. In addition to their wealth of data, they also have wonderful paintings and illustrations of the living things on earth during the Cambrian period explosion. One of the better-known painters, Joseph Moravic has a series of classic Cambrian Period pictures that can be found in a variety of museums, colleges and libraries across the country. These paintings are great illustrations of living creatures of the time period, painted in a way that gives depth and concept to the fossils that have been discovered. The world has always been a fascinating place, and having windows to the past like Joseph Moravic’s paintings and illustrations help us connect with the wonderful history of our planet earth.

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