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Saturday, June 29, 2013

Using Giant Inflatable Animals for Marketing

Business owners have a difficult time marketing and know how hard it is to attract walk-by customers. Simple marketing techniques of catching a customer's attention can be the difference between a new customer, or just another on-looker. However, some savvy business owners use clever techniques to catch a potential customer's eye. Cell-phone companies, liquor stores, and car dealerships have been using these techniques for a very long time. Car shows hire models to stand by luxury automobiles to attract the eye of the customer. The customer first sees the model and then starts to glance at the car. Using giant inflatable toys and placing them in front of a storefront is basically the same method as hiring a car model to stand in front of a car.

The secret behind a businesses' success is not how great the product is, but how easy the product is seen by customers. Some ways that businesses market to attract new customers is through radio, TV, Internet, social media, newspaper, and viral videos. However, low advertisement budgets require business owners to creatively attract customers. Depending on your type of business, an inflatable animal can really increase your customer foot traffic. 

Giant inflatable animals have been used as marketing techniques in many different business venues. Giant floating elephants above a car dealership, or a giant inflatable giraffe towering above a new hamburger restaurant are just a couple of examples of uses for giant inflatable animals.

Instead of promoting a business with expensive newspaper advertisement campaigns, or short radio commercials, try placing an inflatable animal in a strategic location outside one's store venue.

If one has ever gone to a museum, one may have seen an inflatable Tyrannosaurus Rex standing outside attracting the attention of hundreds of small children. Fast food chains have used inflatable toys to gain the attention of large families and throngs of young kids. Another great idea is to place a giant inflatable Gorilla in front of your store and allow customers to take pictures with the toy. 

What about the cost of a animal that inflates? A return on investment is something that every business owner worries about. Thinking about advertising a business through the newspaper? A small classified ad in a newspaper can cost up to $1000 per week (depending on the placement of the ad). Giant inflatable animals have a great return on investment, as it is a tangible item that can be used an unlimited amount of times. Prices range from $95 all the way up to $700, depending on the type of animal that is bought. 


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